Feb 27, 2013

A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again (Bit Funk Remix)

~ We're huge fans of Brooklyn's Bit Funk. With this acapella vocal from A Tribe Called Quest -- which we obsessively listened to for a period of our lives, certainly brings a totally different sound to a song we know so well.  Very cool to hear some open hi hats and piano infused with this beat - definitely listen all the way through there is a great synth solo in the last verse. Shameless fun <3 ~

Feb 26, 2013

GMGN - Break It (Be Yourself)

~ Producer GMGN posted this goodie of a free download last night! Check out this disco house track with crisp percussion and mesmerizing electric piano over what sounds a beat a bit broken up. The track slows down a bit for the bridge and tension filled chords return the funk'd up beat. ~

Feb 21, 2013

Venice Mix - Anoraak

~ After meeting Anorraak last summer and hearing all the new music they've been realeasing -- it's kinda amazing they can pull off an amazing live act and then, on the other hand, also post a mix tape that is this bumpin' and well thought out. Mad love! ~

Feb 19, 2013

Quinten 909 - BLOCKPARTY Tape

~ Quinten 909 is hosting his own block party. It makes total sense that he made this mixtape - stuffed with disco - darker house tracks - and a lot of as he tags - fucking awesome songs. Including his recent "Discopolis" - Kris Menace & Lifelike remix.  ~

Phoenix - Entertainment

~ Phoenix has returned with a synthed out track called "Entertainment." With some almost "asian video game" like synth patches -- and then of course the amazing vocals and the mostly muted guitars we all love. Certainly much more epic - but certainly staying close to home w/ the Phoenix sound ~

Feb 15, 2013

Kamp! - Melt (Zimmer Remix)

~ Our hearts melted for this remix from Zimmer. The Discotexas label is wonderful as well - check them out. Posting about Zimmer doesn't really need much explanation other than the sounds. Check out the tropical disco ~

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (Gigamesh Remix)

~ Gigamesh does a smooth remix for Two Door Cinema Club, alongside acts like Alex Metric and Fred Falke. This track really blends some wonderful piano - with some "call and response" from the different instrument tracks. We're a big fan of the alternating snaps and claps at the end of this remix ~

Feb 13, 2013

Hurts - Miracle (Russ Chimes Extended Remix)

~ Russ Chimes posted this new remix that elides a dark side with a housey beat - and even throws in some great piano towards the middle/end of the remix only adding to warm, but still deep sound. Although we like to support more "independent" artists - and this track will be released by Sony - we're happy for Russ! ~

Queen Of Hearts - Where Are You Now? (She's The Queen reMix)

~ We're super excited by this new She's the Queen Remix. We were around for the recording of their first few demos and the group has grown to near perfection. It's only a matter of time! The NYC electro-pop duo captures the emotions of the vocals and their interpretation of the Queen of Hearts track "Where Are You Now?" delivers some top notch drums and shimmery synths.  Thanks to Electronic Rumors for releasing this for free! ~

Feb 12, 2013

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Final DJs Relax on the Beach Remix) *Free DL*

~ Final DJs have been really dealing a cosmic - spacey vibe in most of their production.  The synth leads are fuzzy enough to feel and the bassline an impecable disco homage. This is definitely worth the download! Be sure to show your love for these hard working music lovers  ~

Feb 9, 2013

Cherotape II

~ Cherokee has finally released their Cherotape II. The combine a few disco edits they have shaped up and also some upbeat - housey tracks toward the end of the mix.  We've gotta say the "Music & Light" Imagination edit is delicious. We <3 You Cherokee! ~

Feb 7, 2013

FKJ - So much to me

~ FKJ is sitting very nicely in our "favorite artists" along with much of the Roche Musique crew. We're very excited for the EP he has been working on. Check out this funky and fresh tune ~

Feb 6, 2013

Mixtape 02.13 - Edwin Van Cleef

~ Edwin Van Cleef, one of our favorite producers for a long time, posted this new mixtape earlier this week.  It's his February mix and filled with goodies! You can download it for free! ~

Feb 5, 2013

Patrick Baker - Get 2 Know U (Original Mix)

~ Check out this retro sounding synth pop jam from Patrick Baker and Keiz Beats. The track "Get 2 Know U" was also remixed by RWR (Robots with Rayguns) - but this original mix seems to capture the pop and brilliance we're feeling today! ~

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Louis La Roche Remix)

~ Louis La Roche just dropped this amazing Michael remix.  We were a little disappointed that his production was taking a direction away from the "Gimme Gimme/The Wall" but, this remix shows that Louis still has those strong funky foundations deeply engrained in his heart. Talk about emotion!!! ~

Feb 4, 2013

Moon Boots - No One

~ Moon Boots has returned from outer space to bring us some new sounds! Definitely a darker, deeper sound that still retains a lot of the funk'd up house style Moon Boots has been delivering. Check out the great (we think) soft organs, great hats, perfect snares and claps. O, and it's free! <3 French Express ~

Marian-Clouds-(Mathias Kaden´s Funky Clouds Remix)

~ Here is a taste of some funk'd up house music from Mathias Kaden. A well mixed, fun beat with some great house production. ~

Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver - Sunset ( Aeroplane Remix )

~ Here's a new remix from Aeroplane. We haven't been that into his sound for the past two years or so - maybe we've been missing out because this remix definitely captures the feel - good - pleasure eliciting sound we always chase! The bassline takes some great steps down with some great synth chords stabbing over it softly. ~

Justin Faust - La FĂȘte ** free download **

~ German disco sensation Justin Faust released a new track for a free download today. What a treat! The looped lyrics "La Fete" somehow never get old when paired w/ the filters and the beat. This song definitely shows you don't need saw tooth stabs and croaking bass to make you move your feet. Honestly, we also LOVE Discotexas ~

You Make Me Feel Good - Satin Jackets

~ We just heard this track from Satin Jackets called "You Make Me Feel Good" - The four on the floor beat with the deep, warm and funky bass adds another level as the vocals sit in the air above the ethereal synths. WOW. Makes us feel good. ~ 


~ Sixth Avenue Express is a personal favorite of ours. We're very happy to see all these new tracks posted on soundcloud with so much care put into the arrangement and so much soul into the sound. ~

Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath (Bibz Remix)

~ Check out this awesome funk - electro remix of American Idol winner (lol we can't believe we're posting this!) Kelly Clarkson! Talk about a new breath of fresh air from Bibz ~