Jun 12, 2014

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Oct 9, 2013

~The Du Tonc duo of Matt van Schie and Mighty Mouse put out their latest production and it's not what you'd expect! A bealearic ballad is what we have here, which will float you away on thick waves of sound.~

Sep 6, 2013

Breathe - Anna Lunoe

~ Anna Lunoe just signed a deal with Fools Gold Records // Ultra Music and here's her latest single "Breathe" featuring some vocals from herself! This house tune has some really nice melody and bass to compliment the classic, crisp house percussion. This one is out in the US today! Pick it up on beatport! She kicks off a US tour with The Weeknd this fall. 

Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That (Starsmith Rework)

~ Starsmith has done it again! His rework of the classic Hall & Oats song brings a modernized, synth based sound to "I Can't Go For That." Stay tuned on his soundcloud for how to download - if we ever can! ~

Sep 5, 2013

End of Summer // Café Culture

~ Summer is coming to an end. There were an incredible amount of amazing tracks released in the past three months and it's safe to say that electronic music is progressing and transforming right before our eyes. As the masses dig deeper into exploring, for themselves, different futuristic sounds, the culture continues to grow. Here we present an end of summer mix featuring some of our favorite artists and their most recent works. Stay with us as we go through a bit of transformation and the creation of our sister company in NYC. We love you and this fall is going to be a big development period! ~

Aug 29, 2013

Caveman - In The City (Les Professionnels Remix)

~ Earlier this week the Philly natives, Les Professionnels, premiered their remix of the NYC indie band, Caveman, on VIBE Magazine online. Les Prof sends this one in a laid-back house direction with some deep bass, crisp percussion, minimal piano, transforming synths and airy vocals. Download this one for free and be sure to like and share! ~ 

Aug 26, 2013

Groove U & Room4Space - See U Again (One Five Remix)

~ We were really excited to hear this new remix from One Five. Loads of synths dance through this end of summer jam, taking the baseline and tropical house beat to the next level! Stay tuned for how to download this official remix! ~

Banks - Warm Water(Figgy Remix)

~ Another remix from Figgy is here! This one takes the awesome, dreamlike vocals of Banks and packs the warmth into the remix with a tropical house sound. Figgy seems to have found his home with this smooth sound and you can grab this track free on his facebook! ~

Aug 22, 2013

Chris Malinchak - So Into You

~ The notorious French Express monster producer is here again! After the truly awesome success of "So Good To Me," Malinchak should hopefully be a household name for music lovers by now. So Into You maintains the authentic Malinchak vibe - somehow staying powerful, soulful, relaxing and inspirational in tandem. You can grab this track for free! ~

Roosevelt - Elliot

~ Roosevelt is back with this original track titled, Elliot. Following his "Sea" single packed full of sunny, guitar filled, loved-up pop, Elliot will be an EP released on the UK label, Greco-Roman featuring a sublime, synth filled, house sound. Check this one out and be sure to buy it! It's a must for every music lover's library. ~ 

m o n t e l - Live DJ Mix - August 2013 [XYST Podcast]

~ Check out this great fresh mix of house from Montel, the UK producer who has an upcoming release on the NYC label Let's Play House. His sound really recalls some authentic classic house sounds with crisp hi hats, fat bass and some tasty piano chords. Definitely play this mix out and check out some of Montel's other work! ~

Aug 19, 2013

Gero - Turn Around (feat. Kullai Timi) (Satin Jackets Remix)

~ Another flawless remix from one of our favorites, Satin Jackets. This one is out on Jalapeno Records, one of the UK's funkiest dance labels. This remix is no exception. There is great, warm and fat bass, brilliant pianos and a crisp beat that compliments the vocals from Kullai Timi. Be sure to grab this one for your library! ~

Bondax - Giving It All (Friend Within Remix)

~ Here's the latest from Friend Within. It's pretty much a blissful, pure 90s piano house track for the hit producer teenage duo, Bondax. This massive tune is evidence that Friend Within is a name to keep your eyes and ears on for the future! ~

Aug 16, 2013

Aeroplane - All Night Long - Funk & Boogie Edition

~ The latest mix is here from Aeroplane. It's pretty much what you might expect as a fan - playful, happy house, funk and boogie. Vito is curating this mix for a series of parties he's playing starting out in London. So you can probably expect a couple more "All Night Long" mixes coming in the near future! Definitely play this one out. ~

SDR-029 VA - Summer Waves Vol. 3

~ We were going to wait until August 27th to post this breath-taking compilation of funky summertime disco and house tracks, but it's too hard not to get excited about this upcoming release.  Stardust Records' Summer Waves has been featuring some top-notch talent. You can hear the thought behind the compilation as the tracks flow seamlessly from mood to mood.  Tracks from the likes of DJ EQ, Mister Gavin, Go Go Bizkitt and Good Junk stand out as some of our favorites!  If you buy one end of summer collection - this is it. You don't even have to take our word for it, check out previews of each track below [go on we dare you!]. As always, please show your support for these amazing artists. ~

Aug 14, 2013

Chela - Romanticise (Boys Get Hurt Remix)

~ Chela's first EP is coming! We're totally excited for the release, but we are equally excited when we noticed the producers, Boys Get Hurt was remixing the track. They invite you to dip your toes into some tropical disco sounds and grove to the bounced up bass on this chilled out jam. The running hi hats and pitched down vocals are actually a pretty nice touch in this track as well. Definitely grab this EP from Kistune Maison. ~ 

The Aston Shuffle - Can't Stop Now (Plastic Plates Remix)

~ The LA based producer Plastic Plates always delivers a clean, electronic disco sound that is so smooth you can't help dancing to his tracks. Now he's remixed one of our favorite producers, the Aston Shuffle, and his interpretation of "Can't Stop Now" delivers the punch yet again. This one is coming out on September 16th on Casablanca/Republic here in the U.S. Definitely grab this one for your collection. ~

Fishing Vest feat. Patrick Baker - Just For Tonight

~ Our friend Fishing Vest is releasing this awesome track "Just for Tonight" on Mullet Records, coming up August 19th. Not only does Thomas collaborate with Patrick Baker for this track, but his track landed awesome remixes from BRONX and Nine Lives - both of which give a whole new life to this track. Fishing Vest is sure to make a *splash* with this one! Definitely like it, share it and buy it! ~

Galimatias - Dream ft. Flowzart

~ Galimatias is known for taking some of the greatest, intricate sounds, a down-tempo beat and some tasteful effects for a truly dreamlike sound. This time, the producer teamed up with Flowzart - a UK rapper and producer - for the lyrics. Definitely check this one out - it's a free download! ~

Aug 6, 2013

Mike Mago - The Show (Lane 8 Remix)

~ Lane 8's remix of Mike Mago's tune "The Show" is out today after a premier on indieshuffle. The San Francisco Native and stellar music producer has been getting a lot of buzz for all the right reasons lately [supporting Duke Dumont and Cyril Hahn to name a few]. His track "Be Mine" was released on Ajunadeep earlier this year and it seems Daniel [Lane 8] is showing no signs of slowing. This remix features some really full, funky bass, nice resonant synth chords, funk leads and a careful vocal treatment. He is on tour right now on the east coast! Catch him if you can! ~